Integrated Workplace Management System

About the Project

In June 2014, the College of Charleston contracted AssetWorks, Inc. for an integrated workplace management software system (IWMS) called AiM. AiM was built upon the College's space database information and will become a unified solution and system of record for space reporting, planning & management; capital planning & project management; contract administration; asset & inventory management; maintenance management & work orders; energy management and key control.

How will it benefit the College?

As with other BATTERY Project programs, the IWMS will allow staff members to streamline daily operations while realizing efficiencies. Departments will have the opportunity to improve and formalize current business processes and procedures. When the IWMS implementation project is complete, the College will have a more efficient and effective business environment for faculty, staff, students and alumni. The system will significantly improve our ability to collect, track, analyze and report on facilities management data, leading to more efficient business processes, better planning, more transparent and quantitative decision making, and operational cost savings.

Who will it affect?

The IWMS is one of the larger implementations of the BATTERY Project and affects every member of the campus community simply as it will be the way in which work order requests are submitted. On a day-to-day basis, the primary department users will include Facilities Management Administration, Facilities Planning, Architecture & Engineering, Facilities Operations, Utility Services, Business Affairs, Budgeting & Payroll Services, Controller’s Office, Procurement, Campus Services, Public Safety, Environmental Health & Safety, Information Technology, Institutional Research, and the Registrar’s Office.


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