Campus Building Signage


The College of Charleston’s location in the heart of downtown Charleston makes signage essential to distinguishing our campus from the surrounding area. Standardized, recognizable exterior and interior signage builds awareness of our campus among passersby (both tourists and area residents), and greatly facilitates navigation for visitors and members of the College community. Facilities Planning designs, implements and updates the College's standardized exterior and interior sign systems. The Office continues to upgrade signage to ease wayfinding and meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


All requests for interior and exterior signage must be directed to the Office of Facilities Planning. Interior signage includes, but is not limited to office signs, nameplates, restroom signs, room signs, directional signs, directories, etc. Exterior signage includes, but is not limited to building identification, historic markers, donor plaques, street numbering, etc. Facilities Planning determines locations, standard sign type(s), content and appropriateness. Sign costs, including outsourced design labor, materials, fabrication, and installation labor are funded by the requesting department. Sign costs related to an open, established capital project are typically integrated into the project budget.

Facilities Planning handles all standardized requests such as placements of additional signage and updates to existing directional/directory signs. Non-standardized requests are reviewed by Facilities Planning and University Marketing before receiving final approval from the Signage Committee. All interior and exterior building signage must adhere to Brand Manual guidelines. All standardized and non-standardized exterior signage requires approval from the City of Charleston's Board of Architectural Review. 


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