Office of Facilities Planning

About Us

Facilities Planning supports the College's Strategic Plan and the campus community by planning instructional, working and living environments that are dynamic, effective, efficient, flexible, safe and sustainable with healthy supporting infrastructure and enjoyable connecting green spaces.

  • Master Planning: Facilities Planning develops and refines long-range campus development. Our recently completed 2023 Campus Framework Plan is guided by space optimization, historic preservation, sustainability, and resilience. These overarching approaches were utilized to create a menu of vetted and coordinated options for adaptive reuse, program relocations, renovated buildings, new construction, landscape improvements, and supporting infrastructure.

  • Capital Planning: Facilities Planning is the starting point for planning any capital improvement project. We work closely with the Office of Architecture and Engineering to establish project scope, obtain required State approvals and guide capital projects to successful completion. The Office prepares and retains all information related to our Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP), a five-year roadmap of significant capital projects reported to the State annually.

  • Space Management: Facilities Planning develops and implements principles, policies and procedures for space allocation, reviewing major requests for space and potential space opportunities. 

  • IWMS Administration: Facilities Planning administers the AiM integrated workplace management system (IWMS). This software suite was built upon the College's space database information and serves as a unified system of record to manage space optimization, capital planning, contract administration, assets and inventory, operations and maintenance, utility monitoring, and key control.

  • CAD & GIS Administration: Facilities Planning is the authoritative source for campus floorplans and architectural/engineering drawings. This database contains over 34,800 files of CAD drawings, photos, "as-built" drawings and scanned blueprints. The Office will add Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data in the near future to capture facilities asset data above and below our grounds. 

  • Campus Building Signage: Facilities Planning maintains the College's standard exterior and interior sign systems. The Office continues to upgrade signage to ease wayfinding and meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).