Space Requests

The College of Charleston's space management governance system and processes are in the process of being reviewed and updated to meet current strategic and capital plans. In the interim, requests for new space allocations should adhere to the process outlined below.

  • Requests for new/additional space or alterations to existing allocated space should be entered well in advance as a Work Order Request through our Work Order Request Portal.
  • Requests are accepted from campus stakeholders such as the President, Provost, Deans, Executive Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Department Chairs, Directors, etc.
  • Please ensure that your request is as detailed as possible and that SPACE is chosen as your 'Problem Code'.
  • Once your request has been received, Facilities Planning will contact you regarding your request.
  • Campus stakeholders may report space changes (in occupancy or use) via eMail to Adrianne Watkins.
  • If you will be moving to a different office please email Adrianne Watkins, IWMS Administrator, to advise of the changed occupancy. 
  • Please remember to coordinate telephone and key/access updates when changing space occupancy or use.