Space Management

The College of Charleston is gifted with an urban, historic footprint, which creates unique opportunities for those who live, learn, and work here. With such, there are equal challenges to meet the physical space needs of a 21st century institution of higher education. Just as critical as revenue, space is a vital resource. Therefore, tools and processes must be in place to effectively manage and plan this resource. A formal space management program allows for identifying solutions that make the best and highest use of existing space and for the proactive planning of acquisition possibilities and future growth. The following principles will guide the space management program efforts:
  • Senior leadership will ultimately be responsible for ensuring accurate information is reported by their units to Facilities Planning. The maintenance of the College’s space inventory must be considered a high priority.
  • The campus culture must reflect a sense of space stewardship to ensure use of these assets are maximized yet adequately maintained. 
  • College space resources should be deployed in the most efficient and effective manner to best serve programmatic and strategic goals. Space is a College resource to be allocated in a manner which best advances the College’s mission and strategic plan. No one unit, department, or division “owns” space as it is an institutionally allocated resource.
  • College space can and will be reassigned based on objective criteria and justifiable needs. The College values flexibility and recognizes changing needs in curricula, programs, and technologies. Accordingly, space assignments will change to achieve optimal utilization and respond to current and emerging needs.
  • College space needs will be evaluated in the context of quantitative analysis and functional considerations. Space guidelines will be used to provide contextual information to gauge relative space needs.
  • Responsibility for assignment and reassignment of space will generally follow divisional and departmental organizational hierarchies. While any and all space assignments are subject to change based on the authority of the President, the ability to assign and reassign space is generally delegated to each of the Deans and Executive Vice Presidents for their respective divisions, departments, and programs. This authority is contingent on faithful stewardship of allocated space as determined by compliance with applicable space guidelines and standards. This authority is intended to provide flexibility to leadership to address the space needs of their respective units.