2012 Campus Master Plan

Master Planning Team

  • Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas (Lead Planners)
  • Watson Tate Savory Liollio Architecture (Associate Architects)
  • Sextant Group (Technology Planners)
  • Affiliated Engineers Inc. (Infrastructure Planners)
  • Paulien & Associates, Inc. (Space Planners)
  • Thomas & Hutton Engineering (Civil Engineers)
  • DesignWorks (Landscape Planners)

The 2012 Campus Master Plan is an update of the 2004 Campus Master Plan. From April to July 2011, the Master Planning Team, lead by Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas, met with several groups to learn about the campus and local community such students, deans, Student Affairs leadership, and City of Charleston staff. A summary of key findings and possible opportunities was presented to the campus during the September 2011 visit.

Space Utilization & Needs: As a part of the process, Paulien & Associates visited the campus to examine space needs in the context of the College's strategic plan. They met with representatives from each division and school as well as reviewed facility, staff, and course data. Their analysis included a determination of existing facility utilization and a quantitative evaluation of built space on campus in comparison with recognized space standards. The end result was the Utilization and Space Needs Analysis. (Note: The study was updated in January 2012 to reflect a revision in the number of residential beds from 4,000 to 3,750.)

The current utilization and space needs analysis makes assumptions about student enrollment that are based on the College’s strategic plan. The strategic plan calls for undergraduate enrollment on our downtown campus to be 10,000 students. As envisioned by the plan, any future undergraduate enrollment increases would occur outside the Historic District, at our North Campus, or at other Lowcountry locations. In addition, the strategic plan assumes there will be future growth in graduate student enrollments.

The Master Planning Team also included Sextant Group, a technology consultant. Sextant met with campus leaders in July 2011 for an Academic Technology Presentation of industry statistics, emerging technologies, blended learning environments and case studies.