IWMS Project Phases

Phase I – Space Management | Status – LIVE 

The Space Management Module builds from College’s current space database and CAD inventory. This module serves as the backbone of the IWMS, facilitates space planning, analysis, and management, and serves as the unified system of record for all space information. The Space Management module enables the College to closely manage the utilization and performance of facilities. 

Facilities Planning maintains an accurate space inventory of all spaces owned, leased, or occupied by the College of Charleston. The inventory includes floor plans and data such as building, room numbers, square feet, occupancy, and room uses. The Office tracks data according to specifications outlined by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) as well as national standards. The National Center for Education Statistics manages the Facilities and Inventory Classification Manual (FICM).

Updates to space data are coordinated with departmental and unit space liaisons as occupant assignment or room use changes. Facilities Planning works directly with the Office of Institutional Research to ensure timely reporting to CHE. Therefore, the maintenance of an accurate space inventory is essential for both reporting and planning purposes.

Phase II – Operations & Maintenance | Status – LIVE 

The Operations and Maintenance Management module enables the College to reduce expenditures for maintenance/repair/operations (MRO) inventory, improve asset availability, reduce equipment downtime, and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide.

Phase III – Capital Planning & Project Management | Status – LIVE 

The Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) module enables the College to increase fiscal controls & improve financial accountability for capital projects; reduce risk through improved regulatory compliance; streamline capital planning & management processes to reduce capital expenditures and improve rates of return from capital investments. The module will enable the College to balance capital priorities with fiscal constraints and track projects to the minutest detail.

Phase IV – Condition Assessment & Needs Analysis | Status – DEVELOPMENT 

The Condition Assessment & Needs Analysis (ANA) module will draw on the College’s property data, deferred maintenance backlog, facility maintenance records, project data, and facilities condition assessments to analyze assets and properties. Benefits include:

  • Accurate and up to date facility condition assessment data
  • Real time calculation and update of the FCI as work orders and capital projects are funded
  • Consistent facility and asset nomenclature enterprise wide
  • Insight into life cycle funding needs and deferred maintenance.
  • Accurately projection of capital investment needs.

Phase V – Key & Access Control and Utility Billing Management | Status – DEVELOPMENT 

The Key and Access Control module will enable the College to increase security, save time, reduce costs and improve tracking/management of keys, locks, and access points. The Key and Access Control module is fully integrated with the Work Management and Inventory modules to support a key shop scenario anywhere in the enterprise. It will enable the College to track the location of issued keys and access cards, key blank and cut status, and associated materials costs for key fabrication, lock installation, and key card creation/activation.

The Utility Management module will enable the College to track and analyze meter data, utility costs and consumption. This will lead to realized efficiencies and cost savings, as well as contribute to the College's sustainability ethos.