Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan

Facilities Planning prepares and retains all information related to our Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP), a five-year roadmap of capital projects over $1,000,000 reported to the State annually.


Section 2-47-55 of the S.C. Code of Laws requires all state agencies responsible for providing and maintaining physical facilities to submit a Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP) to the Joint Bond Review Committee and the State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA). The CPIP must include all permanent improvement projects anticipated and proposed by the College over the next five years. The purpose of the CPIP process is to provide the committee and the authority with an outline of the College’s permanent improvement activities for the next five years. Higher education institutions, including technical colleges, must also submit the CPIP to the Commission on Higher Education in accordance with the statute. The Capital Budget Office coordinates this process on behalf of the committee and the authority.

Year One of the 2019 CPIP represents fiscal year 2019-2020 and contains projects the College has reasonable certainty of funding. Subsequent years show a prioritized intended path, but projects may shift in sequence due to changes in funding, building conditions and/or unforeseen circumstances. Project years as shown represent when the College intends to seek approval from the State to initiate the design process, not the start of construction.