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Approval Process

General Information

The acquisition, improvement, expansion, new construction, or lease of land and buildings is governed by the South Carolina Code of Laws, which includes review and approval by the following entities:

Commission on Higher Education

CHE is responsible for reviewing the programmatic needs for the requested project or lease. The Commission also reviews the proposed funding source(s). Comprised of 14 members, representations   includes the six Congressional districts, Governor appointees for each sector (research, teaching, technical), four at-large Governor appointees, and one from a private institution (without vote). The Chair is appointed, at-large, by the Governor. The Commission reviews projects and leases recommended by staff and the Committee on Finance and Facilities.

Joint Bond Review Committee

JBRC is comprised of 10 legislative members: two Senate members, three Senate Finance Committee members (appointed by the Chair), two House of Representatives members, two House Ways & Means Committee members (appointed by the Chair). The current membership includes: Sen. Hugh Leatherman, Chair; Sen. Glenn McConnell; Sen. Harvey Peeler; Sen. William O'Dell; Sen. Thomas Alexander; Rep. Liston Barfield; Rep. Kenny Bingham; Rep. Daniel Cooper; Rep. Chip Limehouse; and Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter.

Budget and Control Board

The Board is comprised of five members: the Governor (chair), Senate Finance Committee Chair, House Ways & Means Chair, State Treasurer, and State Comptroller General.

The College works with staff from each entity to facilitate the approval process in accordance with promulgated procedures, policies, regulations, and laws.